A Beijing Vacation is the Perfect Gift for Mom

Going to Beijing after the Olympics? The new changes are in place and there won't be so much tearing down and building of buildings. You will have a sparkling new Beijing without the crowds of the Olympics. More Chinese people will be able to help you in English and will understand a little more about people from outside their countries.

Not only will you miss the crowds of the Olympics, but you can miss the summer travel crowds by going in the fall or after Christmas at Chinese New Year. You can get a reasonably priced non-stop 12 hour flight Los Angeles to Beijing or from San Francisco to Beijing. Enjoy authentic Beijing duck in less than 24 hours from your departure!

If you go in the fall, you can admire the beautiful fall colors while climbing Fragrant Mountain. Summer Palace and the Great Wall of China also change their character in the fall season with the refreshing breezes and red and orange colors of the leaves. Without the draining heat and mosquitoes of summer, sightseeing Beijing in the fall can be a perfectly rejuvenating gift for Mom.

If Mom doesn't mind a little colder weather, The Great Wall is delightful sprinkled with snow. The summer palace and Forbidden City become enchanted covered in white and ice. You can also ice skate on the pond at Beijing University surrounded by ancient Chinese culture.

Olympic Bird's Nest and the Water Cube are must to visit. If you and Mom like to swim, you might be able to swim in the very lane where Michael Phelps won his gold metal in the 200m butterfly! Before the Olympics that pool was open to the public for a small fee, but its availability will probably depend on events that take place at the time of your visit.

When you finish sightseeing, it won't be difficult to find a luxurious hotel with names you recognize for prices below what you would pay in the United States. This is especially true if you go at Chinese New Year when most Chinese are with their families and hotels welcome guests and give discounts.

If Mom doesn't want to climb Fragrant Mountain, or is worn out from all the sights around the Forbidden City and shopping at Wang Fu Jing, she'll be sure to find a good rest at your hotel at a price you won't regret.

The perfect gift for Mom is Beijing, a historical adventure which will last Mom a lifetime.