Live Far Away? Finding a Gift for Mom to Bridge the Distance

Whether she works outside of the home or stays home with the children, moms are always on the go. They are multi-tasking machines that get everyone to their appointed places at their scheduled times.

Moms are the drivers, chefs, and tutors to their children. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, so moms usually make sure that everyone else's needs are met first. She rarely has time for herself. If you want to give Mom the perfect gift, offer her the gift of time. Use these ground rules:

1. Let mom choose the time.
Maybe she wants to go shopping at a special annual sale, or perhaps she had secretly hoped to see a new movie with her girlfriends. Allow her the freedom to choose her date, time and location.

2. Give mom the option of staying at home or going out.
Mom may want to stay in all day in her pajamas and read a good book. If this is the case, she should have a quiet house to herself. Make sure she knows that working during her alone time is not allowed.

Mom may want a day out with no schedule - maybe she wants to go shopping, take a cake-decorating class or browse the local bookstore. Remind her that no running of errands for anyone else is permitted.

3. Do not call her.
When Mom is on her own time, do not interrupt this time with multiple phone calls asking where to find items or how to do something. Unless there is a hospital visit involved, let her have a silent phone. She will call you if she wants to check-in.

4. Allow her the opportunity to sleep late or sleep overnight a hotel.
If you really want to indulge her, tell her she can sleep in on her special day. Keep the house quiet, and do not wake her. If your budget will allow it, purchase mom an overnight stay at a nice hotel. She can rest, watch TV, read or read with no distractions. She may also want to have an overnight stay with an old girlfriend, which can be a lot of fun for her too.

Encourage your mom to take advantage of this opportunity and do what she would really enjoy.