Looking for the Perfect Gift for Mom? Try a GPS Navigation System

What can you give Mom that she doesn't have to find a place for, doesn't have to dust, or act like it's her most cherished item even if she'll never use it? The perfect gift for her is a lofty goal, but an aqua aerobics class at a local athletic club could come close to claiming that title.

Even if you think your mom is too busy to go to the class, once she is enticed out the door and to the club, she may find it is a pleasure she's not too busy to enjoy. Ask her to accompany you saying you need some time with her. As she enters the water, she will feel a weightlessness that releases the stresses of the day. The exercises will not feel like exercises because the movements use water's gentle resistance and result in a feeling of playing in the water. The comfortable atmosphere created by the water and playfulness encourages conversation with others in the class. Once your mother experiences the energy she gets both from the exercise and the friendships she makes in the class, she'll consider the class a necessity the rest of her life.

If your mom is a swimmer and is already addicted to water as a way of regenerating energy, she knows that exercise is an essential part of being a successful mom. She may be bored swimming laps but does not like a change of routine. You can provide her with a gift that takes no more time from her schedule and will offer her a variety of water fun that will even tone her muscles in a way swimming cannot.

If she already lifts weights and has a perfect workout routine at the gym, but hates to get in the water, your gift of an aqua aerobics class can still be the perfect gift for mom. Once she experiences the lifting and weightless feeling the water provides - freeing her from the stresses of the day, you'll have given her a gift that provides new and refreshing alternatives to the workout rut.

The perfect gift for Mom is not an unrealistic goal despite the many years of trying to obtain it, and may well be found in an aqua aerobics class close to home