Looking for the Perfect Gift for Mom? Try a GPS Navigation System

Forget about the spa visit or the gift card; get Mom something that she will use often and for several years. Give her the perfect gift of security and convenience - a GPS.

GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System. It is also called a navigation system. There are many types of GPS systems, but most commonly recognized as the GPS navigation system used primarily in automobiles. This system consists of satellites that transmit maps and directions to a small device or receiver. That receiver is referred to as the GPSwhich is the component that goes in your vehicle (not a satellite.)

The GPS has decreased significantly in price and good reliable models can now be purchased for $175 - $250. These systems make the perfect gift for Mom as they are easy to set up and intuitive to use. Out of the box, most systems only require charging and have simple touch screens.

Your mom will be more likely to travel using a GPS. These systems also have voice prompts that verbalize the directions, as well as provide the directions on a display. She will not have to fumble with maps or directions. If she gets lost, the GPS can direct her back to her intended course. The GPS can also route her to the nearest gas station or food establishment. The GPS will estimate the time she will arrive at her destination, which is a handy time management tool.

Most likely your Mom will only need the basic versions. The additional bells and whistles are not necessary and will likely confuse her. The only upgrade feature that would be useful is a system that calls out street names and directions, instead of instructing to simply take a right or left turn. If the GPS only comes with a suction mount for the front windshield, consider purchasing a friction dashboard mount that can be easily taken on and off the dashboard. GPS systems are frequent theft targets, and you want to keep Mom safe.

If the GPS is out of your gift price range, consider asking a sibling and/or parent to go in with you on the gift. Most retailers also match prices, so make sure you shop around and get the best deal.