Ideas For a Gift to Mom She Won't Forget

When a holiday approaches and you are looking for the perfect gift for Mom, you may feel like you're in a rut. As each holiday approaches, it seems like you've already given her all the candy, flowers, plants, and perfume that she could possibly want.

Here are some other ideas for the perfect gift for her:

Send her to an event to remember. How about sending Mom to an event that she has always wanted to attend, but hasn't yet made it? Get her concert tickets to see her favorite musician. If your mom is more sports-minded, seeing a live sporting event will be something she'll never forget. Some moms might be excited by a night at the theater, or a weekend at a casino.

Enroll her in a class. If your mom has always talked about wanting to learn country line dancing, sign her up. Maybe she has wistfully talked about wanting to learn a foreign language, or how frustrated that she can't manage her computer software. Has she always wanted to learn the guitar or digital photography? Give Mom the gift of learning.

Give her personalized jewelry. Although jewelry can sometimes be an unimaginative gift, personalized jewelry may be just the touch needed for a perfect gift. An engraved locket with pictures of her children will always be cherished; so would a bracelet containing the birthstones of her children.

Give her membership to a place she always goes. If your mom visits the zoo several times every summer, a season ticket is an excellent gift. National parks offer great deals for membership. Or she may appreciate a membership to a fitness center or spa.

What has your mom always wanted? There's a good chance that what she's always wanted isn't something that can be bought in stores. For instance, there aren't too many moms that wouldn't be thrilled with a whole week of not having to cook. Get the family together and assign each one a twenty-four hour period of handling the cooking for the day. Likewise, a week without dishes or household chores would definitely be a very welcome present. Another thought is that there may be a particular family member that she hasn't been able to see for a long time. Can you arrange a get-together as a surprise?

Spend some time thinking about something special that you can give your mom to show her how special she is. She deserves it!