The Gift Of Memories Is The Perfect Gift For Mom

Many people think that they cannot find the perfect gift for Mom without spending lots of money. This misconception often leads people to overspend on those occasions that usually call for a gift. It is possible to give Mom a fantastic gift on a limited budget. Here are a few ideas:

1. Make a List of Memories Let your mom know that her little touches were memorable. Recall some of your happiest memories with her. Write about places you went together, your favorite dish she cooked for you, or a difficult time in your life when she was there for you.

Mom may not know that watching her go through tough times with grace taught you how to face your obstacles. She is probably clueless that you actually needed her advice when your high school boyfriend broke up with you. Put these memories together in a list, and blow her away.

You can take a couple of different approaches to this memories list. One idea is to list a few of these memories with a brief description on a single page. Put it together with a decorative font and print on parchment-like paper. Present this page in a stylish frame.

If you have more to say, make the list more of a booklet. You can write in more detail and offer more examples this way. Use attractive paper and personalize the book with photos if available.

2. Serve Coffee and Dessert at Your Place Mom likes to feel special, and a great way to make her feel that way is to simply spend time with her. Invite her to have coffee or tea in your home. Find out her favorite dessert and prepare it for her. An additional idea is to take Mom out to a chick flick first, followed by coffee and dessert at your place. Make it a fun girl's night out, with no third-parties allowed.

3. Invite Mom for a Sleepover Unless you are a celebrity, your mom is one of the few people in the world who actually enjoys hearing all the details of your life. She likes listening to you and just being with you. Girlfriends do sleepovers, and your mom will likely be shocked and honored to be invited to one with you.

Send a cute invitation. Rent a good movie. Have some yummy snack foods. Ask about her job or childhood and find out more about her. Your mom will likely be flattered that you care about her life too. You may learn some interesting things about the woman, not just the mom.