The Gift of Language May Be the Perfect Gift for Mom

Could the perfect gift for Mom prevent Alzheimer's or plain old memory loss? Studies suggest that keeping your brain exercised such as that provided in learning a language may discourage the onset of Alzheimer's. While new gimmicks for increasing memory are being invented, languages have been around as long as humans and provide the perfect opportunity to enhance memory skills.

Give her the advantage of brain exercise to increase her memory and keep her brain active. Memorizing new vocabulary and understanding the new language's pattern of phrasing works her brain and keeps it vibrant. Language learning software is designed to keep the learner thinking and noticing verbs and nouns that go together and to learn conjugations by using them, so the memorization is effective and not dry and repetitive.

Give her the advantage of enhanced communication in travel leading to depth of experience. It is by language that we communicate, so the better your mother can communicate in the country's native language, the deeper the relationships she'll have with the people. Instead of a vacationer observing a culture, she'll become a vacationer enjoying the culture and perhaps even become part of the culture.

Give her the advantage of enjoyable interactive software. Today the interactive software your mom can download on her computer is so much fun that even if she never travels, she may feel as if she does with her innovative language learning software. She will see pictures of the language she is learning and hear native speakers speaking what she will soon produce herself since the software evaluates how good her pronunciation is. It may be difficult to tear her away from her computer as a result of having the perfect gift of enjoyable time well spent.

Give your mom the advantage of a perfect gift of increased memory, new motivation and confidence to visit another country, and just an enjoyable way to spend her timelearning a new language with interactive software.