Relaxing on the Tracks with a Train Vacation is a Perfect Gift for Mom

Has Mom been swamped? Is there never time to vacation because there is always someone who needs her? The perfect gift for Mom is a day train trip. She doesn't have to drive, she can read, and all she has to do is relax. Take her on a day train trip along the coast for a refreshing get away.

Taking a short trip where she doesn't have to pack and she won't be gone so long that she doesn't have to prepare the house for being away adds to the delight of the vacation. Just a few hours on the train to admire the scenery to melt away the pressures of the week, have lunch, and then come home can be the perfect gift get-away.

Picture you and your mom relaxing in a sunny railway car with sun filtering through windows from above sitting in chairs facing picture windows admiring wildflowers as you and Mom flip though a magazine or enjoy a book she never has time for. The ride is not long enough to get stiff, but relaxing enough to refresh as you pass crashing waves.

After lunch on the ride home you and Mom can wander through the different cars - some of which have row seats, some have seats at tables, and some are like the car you rode up in that have seats facing the side windows and small windows in the ceiling, so the whole car is sunny and inviting.

Your mom arrives home refreshed with no luggage to unpack, no pile of mail to go through, and no stack of newspapers to catch up on. There may be a few messages on her phone from those who missed her, but there is always tomorrow for those. Mom has had the perfect gift of a day's vacation that felt like a week of relaxation.